Sunday, December 4, 2011

From Hollwyood to Dollywood...

From Hollwyood to Dollywood...:

Gary and Larry Lane have done an amazing job in this documentary called from Hollywood to Dollywood.

This film referred to as a road trip documentary and civil rights odyssey features appearances by Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Chad Allen, Beth Grant (Sordid Lives), Dustin Lance Black (MILK), and Ann Walker (Sordid Lives)to name just a few!

The premise: The handsome gay twin boys wish to get their script (written with Dolly and only Dolly in mind) into the hands of the Queen of Country herself, so the boys drive an RV cross country to Dollyland in the hopes of hand delivering their brilliant script to Miss Dolly Parton herself! What takes place along the trip is not only entertaining but is heartfelt.
White Chocolate!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011


27 year old Ygor Pignatari hails from Brazil and was discovered by photographer Didio. He is currently a model with L' Equipe Agence.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Welcome to Summer 2011!

Now that I have some free time to post again, I thought I'd start a series featuring some of my favorite models. Hopefully you will find these guys as amazing as I do and will learn their names and any other fun facts I can throw in. Let's get started.

I'm going to start at the end of the alphabet and work backward. So beginning with the letter Z, my first featured model is new kid on the runway; Zeb Ringle.

Zeb is a 24 year old rapidly rising star in LA and NYC hailing from Arizona. Enjoy.

Friday, August 27, 2010



He can be seen in her video for "Teenage Dream"

Monday, April 26, 2010

RIP Ambrose Olsen 1985-2010

Just learned that male model Ambrose Olsen of Gucci fame and many others has passed. Much too young!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, I know I haven't written in like a year. Busy. I do add my shared items from Google reader that I hope you all will find really cool.

Anyway, so the OC has like one real gay bar, The Tin Lizzie. But last night...we got there and there were like 25 women and their straight nerdy friends in a space meant for like 100. WTF?

So we quickly surmised that our local tavern has become the go-to destination for all of the wanton straight girls and their ridiculous sorority-like bridal showers in the OC! FML!!!!!!

We need to do something! Can we petition the bars to not let in girls over 4 to a group? Like they do in LONDON?

Yep, that's right bitches! We just got back from LONDON and this bar, SHADOW LOUNGE, only allows hot gay guys in. YES! Girls have to wait in line with straight "bi-curious" guys because they only let in so many at a time. Fuckin' Awesome!!!! Crowd and vibe was incredible to say the least.

Let's start a campaign to ban all stupid sorority-like parties and bridal showers from infesting our few remaining safe havens for us gay boys in the OC. These people have their own bars to ruin. Leave ours alone!!!!!

Who is with me?