Sunday, April 18, 2010


So, I know I haven't written in like a year. Busy. I do add my shared items from Google reader that I hope you all will find really cool.

Anyway, so the OC has like one real gay bar, The Tin Lizzie. But last night...we got there and there were like 25 women and their straight nerdy friends in a space meant for like 100. WTF?

So we quickly surmised that our local tavern has become the go-to destination for all of the wanton straight girls and their ridiculous sorority-like bridal showers in the OC! FML!!!!!!

We need to do something! Can we petition the bars to not let in girls over 4 to a group? Like they do in LONDON?

Yep, that's right bitches! We just got back from LONDON and this bar, SHADOW LOUNGE, only allows hot gay guys in. YES! Girls have to wait in line with straight "bi-curious" guys because they only let in so many at a time. Fuckin' Awesome!!!! Crowd and vibe was incredible to say the least.

Let's start a campaign to ban all stupid sorority-like parties and bridal showers from infesting our few remaining safe havens for us gay boys in the OC. These people have their own bars to ruin. Leave ours alone!!!!!

Who is with me?