Saturday, February 2, 2008

First Story from Paris

OMG! I can't believe how late this is getting out. Coming back from Europe I was so sick. Not fun! And, I had to work the next day. So between catching up at work and being exhausted and sick I am finally ready to start recapping the experience that was "Winter Break!"

Day 1: Disneyland Paris

I know, everyone is giving me crap for going. But just listen and you'll understand why.

I'm a 'SoCal' brat. That means Disneyland is in my blood. It is literally part of the air I breathe everyday here in the OC. I have only wonderful memories from childhood up to today of my experiences as a guest and an employee. (except for the F'in strollers, later on that) I've been to both Anaheim parks and all of the Florida Parks so I just couldn't miss going to Disney Paris since I don't know when I'll go back. Okay, now you get it? Good, so don't hate!!!

Our first experience in Paris involved trying to figure out where the hell Disneyland was. Let me tell you kids, it's not in the city of Paris. Luckily our train station: Garre de Lyon (see first pic) had an information section and the lady was way cool and spoke British English! Score! She told us to get the combo pack which gives you the train fare and the park admission for cheaper than if you buy directly from the park or if you buy each separately. Nice! So off we went with our spiffy "Combo Tickets". I was stoked. I felt like I was 12 again. (it doesn't take much)

So the train took about 30 minutes and we arrived at the final stop which drops you off right at the main gate. Cool! So easy to get to and to find. I also found out there are two parks now in Paris! They have just recently opened a Disney MGM Studios right next to Disneyland Paris. I guess we'll catch that one next time.

The entrance was spectacular. As soon as we got in we shot this photo of the Castle. It so kicks-ass over all other Disney Castles! This thing is huge and has a dungeon with an actual dragon inside.

Next we had to do Space Mountain since I heard it was amazing! Totally different from all other parks, and it was. The ride shoots you up the outside of the structure like a cannon and the interior is amazing with loops and corkscrews and tons of visual imagery to keep your brain saturated with activity.

Other must sees are: Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean (very different, amazing queue line), Indiana Jones Mine Car Chase and Big Thunder which is on an Island in the center of the Rivers of America. The Train loads on the mainland and then shoots you under the river and up and out onto the island. Pretty Cool!!!
Sorry the photos are all jumbled up. I'll have to read up on how to move them where I want them. If you click on the photos they are labeled.

Next blog:

The Fiasco that was the Train to Amsterdam!!

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