Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What's happening to my neighborhood? I can't believe this is the OC. It's beginning to look like Manhattan. Not a bad thing really. I'm lovin' it.

Pics are:
1 - Skyline Towers, Santa Ana
2 - Central Park West, Irvine looking west
3 - Central Park West, Irvine looking east
4 - The Plaza, Irvine (tower 1)
5 - Plaza Irvine, towers 2 & 3 looking east from street
6 - towers 2 & 3 looking north with Inner courtyard

Can't wait for the shops and restaurants downstairs to open. I can walk from my condo. Yeah! It's getting more like New York everyday. Even the names of the buildings are the same.

East coast comes to the west. Thank God! It's about time.


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Christian said...

You live close to UCI?