Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Break (on crack)

The plans keep changing, but as of now: we fly to Paris on the 25th, meet up with friends from Barcelona, party heavily..., 27th Go to Disney Paris which I've been dying to do since it opened in 1992, 28th pretend the palace at Versailles is really my families estate from way back but some Bitch screwed up the books and gave it to someone named Louis, party in the Marais..., 29th check out the Mona Diva with the smirk in the Louvre, crawl onto a train to Amsterdam on the 30th with aforementioned friends from Barcelona and hopefully some new ones..., party heavily..., do everything my mother said I was ever forbidden to do, 31st-1st Take over some bar with all of our friends from Barcelona, Paris and the Netherlands for New Years...Cheers!, stumble back onto said train on January 2nd for return trip to Paris, fly to Barcelona on 3rd to say goodbye to friends and revisit our favorite city (unless Paris takes the top spot), 4th party like it's 1999 in Barcelona (haven't we already done this?), somehow get our asses on a plane to NYC on the 5th and meet up with all of our friends we haven't seen in months, fly back to the OC on Sunday the 6th and go back to work on the 7th...

Teaching students. (seriously)

Am I being overly optimistic here?

Who's with me?


O. K.!

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kevin said...

This comment really does not have anything to do with your post. I am the author of Simple Answers and I had to make sure you knew that I LOVE your comments. The Celine Dion comment was great. Please continue to add your great insight to my blog. Just so you know I make fun of almost everyone. And you are such a romantic it almost makes me sick, hehe. Have a great holiday season and keep it simple.

Your blogger friend,